Cookie and personal data policy

On our website we use cookies for statistical purposes in order to improve your experience on the site.

A cookie is a small data file that websites save on the device used by the visitor to access the website. The content of this data file is sent backwards and forwards between the browser and the website. Cookies make it possible to “recognise” visitors. They can be used, for example:

  • to optimise the user experience or design of a service
  • to generate web statistics

A cookie is not a program and cannot spread computer virus. When cookies are used to recognise visitors, this is done by each visitor receiving a cookie with a unique number.

On our website, cookies from the following firms are used for the purposes described.

Google Inc

Cookies from Google are used for statistics on the website so that we can keep track of which pages our visitors use and how the website is used. This enables us to continuously improve the user experience on the website. Registration is anonymous, but we can see details such as the geographical area (city) from where visitors are accessing the website.

We have activated anonymisation of IP addresses in Google Analytics, such that the full IP address is not saved by Google.

YouTube, LLC

We use videos from YouTube on the website. In connection with this, cookies are used which provide YouTube with information about which videos you have seen.