10881 JTT 013

The principal structure

The principal structure of the machine consists of a collectinghead system, operated by hydraulics. The conveyer is adjustable up to 21 or 24 metres and the central unit comes with four-wheel drive.

The carrier system is telescopic and the loading platform turns the containers around. There are three varieties for three different types of containers.

10881 JTT 011

The collector

The collector consists of three barrel-like drums that rotate against one another. These drums are hydraulically driven and steered by the control-unit.

The surface of the drums is covered with long flexible rubberfingers which lift the broilers very gently onto the collector, and then further onto the conveyor.

This conveyor-belt brings the broilers into the containers which are positioned on the rotating loading-platform.

10881 JTT 013

The conveyor-belt

The conveyor-belt is very flexible in the sense that it fits many different types of containers such as Linco Load, Maxi Load, Storck System, Anglia Autoflow and Larco.

A fork-lift truck loads the containers onto the waiting truck.

10881 JTT 008

Overall this gives the user a number of advantages

  • Minimum losses due to the extremely careful method of catching broilers
  • Avoiding stress at the loading
  • Broilers do not try to escape or hide in corners and as a result there are very little losses at the slaughterhouse
  • Great efficiency: 8.000 to 9.000 broilers handled per hour
  • Improved quality at the loading of the containers
  • Reduction of labour cost. Only three people are needed for the process
  • One person is enough to capture the chickens.